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I am super excited that you are interested in joining the team!! Partnering with Pruvit as a promoter has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! The community, support, amazing products, the conversation around ketones, the simplicity of the business, the rewards program, the friendships, and the opportunity to improve your life physically, mentally, and financially is just AWESOME! Wow, can you tell I love it?


Joining my team & our amazing Pruvit community as a promoter is a super easy process and it is only $49 for the year!! Yes, you read that right! That's basically a couple of trips to Starbucks if you think about it. ( I compare a lot of things in life to a cup of coffee :) And no there aren't any monthly or hidden fees! What? Yep, I was shocked too! And of course, I will be here to guide you and support you! YOU CAN GO HERE AND GET SIGNED UP: 


Whether you would like to earn an extra $200, $1000, $5000, or more a month by sharing about the ketone conversation, you would dig free ketones each month, you want to be surrounded by positive people rooting for you and supporting you or all of that- this is an awesome way to do it! And we are just getting started so I am super excited for you! 


Wherever you live- in the US, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Canada, or the UK you can join our Pruvit community as a promoter! Whether you are a female or male you can join our community! Whether you are a stay at home mom or dad, a working mom or dad, a college student, a teacher, a hairdresser, a salesperson, a fitness professional, a wellness professional, a business owner, or a raving fan who is super stoked to share this with others YOU WILL BE GREAT AT THIS AND LOVE IT! I know because we have all walks of life on our team!

I am so pumped for you! Becoming a promoter has made such a difference in my life and our family's life! I am excited for you to experience the power of an awesome community and a life-changing product backed by science with you!

  • No experience necessary- anyone can join
  • Ability to earn extra cash bonuses and a car bonus simply by sharing what you love
  • It's an great way to earn free product
  • Get a referral website
  • No stocking products
  • Team to support & train you
  • A positive community to cheer you on 

What does it mean to be a promoter with Pruvit? 

So you might be wondering what this whole keto business is all about! It's all about helping people achieve their health goals by simply sharing tools and supplements which are "pure therapeutic ketones" they can drink. 

By doing this we give them all the benefits of ketosis within 30 minutes or less. This supercharges your low carb or keto diet. Prüvit has the #1 selling ketone product backed by science and we offer full education, awesome events ( not mandatory but super fun), and a positive, supportive community to help you learn and grow! 

I have GOOD NEWS! You don't have to be a keto expert to be a promoter! Nope! You get all the tools you need and an awesome team to help you! You get a beautiful referral website and more to make it super easy to share. All you have to do is share your experience with the product and how it helps with

  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Appetite suppression
  • Better mood and sleep
  • Fat loss and energy
  • Muscle preservation and more.

How the Pruvit promoter business works:

“So tell me how it all works.” People say that to me all the time. So here is the simple process of how to trow this business as a Pruvit promoter.


  1. You pique people’s interest in person, via social media or when people do a 10 day challenge. When people see or hear about your results and your experience, they will ask for more information.
  2. You send them the link to the ketone video which explains how our product works. You then get to know them by asking if they can use any of the benefits explained like better sleep, more energy, better appetite, fat loss, better mood, and more. You will then send them your own link like this:
  3. If they say yes I totally need those benefits ( i mean who doesn’t want to feel better?) you then offer a 10-day trial pack like this:  or you have the option of sending them products from your discounted promoter pack as trials/samples so they can experience the power of keto/os for 10 days.
  4. Once they try pure therapeutic ketones and they love the product they usually ask 1 of 3 questions:

 "I love them. Where can I buy them?"

You would just send them your referral website which you will be provided once you join as a promoter and you will then get paid for all purchases that are made from that site. That’s it!



"Wow, I see a huge opportunity and potential here. How can I become a promoter too?"

The best thing you can do when this comes up is to connect them with me and together we can help him or her understand the simplicity of the business and the opportunity for them. I am here to assist you in building a team and your business.


"I really like them but I would love more information."

When you get this response you can connect them to what we call “ 3rd party tools” which includes videos, Facebook lives from doctors, or connect them with me in a group text, a Facebook group chat, or a live call. I am here to help you help them.

One of my favorite things about being a Prüvit promoter is that I never feel salesy, icky, or pushy. I simply share from my heart with the end goal to help as many people as possible.

This business has changed my life for the better. Message me or let’s hop on the phone if you would like to know more about how you can do this too!

We do this business together!

I can't wait to partner with you and to PRÜVIT together! Sign up here and let's get you started! 



If you need to contact me- my email is [email protected]

If you need my referrer code upon sign up it is: mollyrichards 

I would love for you to fill out this quick little FORM so I can get to know you better! 

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