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Meet Molly Richards

Hey hey!! What is up? How are you? I am SO happy you are here! A quick intro about me- I'm a mom of 2, wife of 24 years and I'm a joyful girl from southern California! Years ago I felt like crap and knew I needed a change. I did the keto diet and loved the benefits but I also LOVE balance more! I learned that our bodies and brains thrive with ketones present so when I learned that I could drink pure therapeutic ketones I had to get on board! I have been drinking them for 18 months now and I sleep better, focus better, have awesome mental clarity, my skin is clearer, my digestion is awesome, my energy is back and well- I am a better human, wife, mom, and friend when I drink ketones which is why I share about them with others! Do I eat strict keto still? Sometimes but I really just enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle because it is sustainable! So- long story short- I am here to share what makes me feel awesome and able to handle life! And I am here to help YOU along your journey! Any questions- I got you Boo!  


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""I use to exercise like crazy, focus on food constantly and comparing my weight with others. I would fall off the wagon and back on again! So much so that I decided i didn't want to live like that anymore! Since changing my ways and drinking pure therapeutic ketones I have energy again. I am a focused mom who doesn't feel like a crazy squirrel anymore. Physically I exercise less but I look better, I feel better & I have the desire to truly be in tune with my health. I am a more present and positive person with ketones! Thank you for sharing about them with me!!""


"I love Keto Max! Thank you so much for sharing about them with me! I feel like I am a real person again after feeling dead inside for so long!!!"


"Oh my gosh Molly! For the first time in 5 years I feel like my brain is awake! What the heck? This is awesome! Thank you for sharing with me! "


""Since I started 4 weeks ago I have lost 21 lbs!! Thank you so much for your posts and for sharing this new way to get into ketosis and benefit!""


"" My husband and I can definitely see a huge impact already and we are loving the way we feel! It's safe while nursing which is a HUGE PLUS for me!""


"" To be honest I was amazed at how much energy I have. I have tried another brand before and I felt so sick, tired and hangry. But there is something about these products that make me feel great! I work at a family restaurant and I am so happy that I don't crave or sneak a single nibble. I have also slept better than I have in months! I am so blessed to have you to help us along the way- you are a blessing! Ketones for life!" "


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