Meet Molly Richards

Hi! I went from feeling blah and burned out; like I was made for more to finding my health, happiness and passion again! I have helped thousands of men & women get their health back, feel better than they have in years, get their joy back and even create a life & business they LOVE! Now it's YOUR turn.

If you’re like me- you are ready for a change, you want to feel better and you want more time with your family! 


10 years ago I had a dream of staying home with our two kids and having a home based business so I would never miss a moment, so I could travel more, have more freedom, pay it forward to help others like myself and  leave a legacy! I have done all of that and now I LOVE supporting & working with other moms who are ready for more (plus anyone who is ready for a change)!! I am dedicated to helping those who want more time with family, who want better health and who want better finances! 


You CAN be a mom with big dreams AND thriving business in as little as an hour a day! It is possible! I am proof and as with everything I believe in I share it with others and pay it forward!

In the past 10 years, I have created a 7 figure online business while never missing a beat at home, making life long friendships, traveling to places I never thought I would go, holding together an amazing marriage of almost 24 years and watching our children thrive! Oh and I have had tons of fun!! My life and our family’s life has changed in so many positive ways and yours can too! 


I remember shifting my thinking from why me to WHY NOT ME? I went for it with focus, excitement, passion, energy and consistency! It’s been an amazing ride and I feel so blessed to pay it all forward because this is the truth- if I can do it, so can you! Are you ready to create the life you’ve imagined? 

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