The Benefits of Ketones

Jul 08, 2021

One question I get asked regularly is "Why should I drink ketones and what are the benefits?" I was SO excited to find this article " The Benefits of Ketones" on the Keto Nutrition website today! Check it out HERE! You will learn so much, get so encouraged that there's a better and easier way and get excited like me! 

Here is a list of the potential benefits based on latest research: 

  • Ketones Increase Energy
  • Ketones Increase Mental Focus and Cognition
  • Ketones May Increase Strength and Prevent Muscle Wasting
  • Ketones May Promote Exercise Recovery
  • Ketones Support Mitochondrial Health
  • Ketones Are Neuroprotective
  • Ketones Increase Antioxidant Defense
  • Ketones May Improve Mood
  • Ketones Lower Blood Sugar
  • Ketones Support Heart Health
  • Ketones May Promote Exercise Recovery
  • Ketones Reduce Symptoms of “Keto Flu”
  • Ketones May Suppress Appetite

Be sure to check out the link to the article for all the details! 



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