Got Fitness Goals? Check out these 10 tips to help you stay committed!

Oct 04, 2019

As a mom who gained 65 pounds with each of her two pregnancies who then became a fitness instructor and online health coach because she loved how good it made her feel and to help others to now an empty nester who just really wants to feel and be her best- I know what it's like to set fitness goals, to be consistent for a couple days to then fall off and feel bad. Ugh. I am so over that! Haha! Seriously though. I am sure you are alot like me and you too just want to feel good, to have energy everyday and fit in our clothes without being uncomfortable. I have discovered 10 different ways to not only help you stay consistent with your health and fitness but also make it fun, not stressful or something to ever feel ashamed about! Here they are: 

#1- Make a list of workouts and exercises that make you smile!

Yes working can really make you smile! You know what I mean! Exercise might be work but when you click those shoes into that spin bike and the music starts pumping you get a spring in your stride! When you get on your mat for yoga and a feeling of calm sweeps over you. Or you tie up those Nike's for a walk then pop in those air pods, you all of the sudden have energy you didn't know you had for an evening walk or run and it just makes you smile! That's what I'm talking about! Maybe for you it's even dance, kickboxing, barre, weight lifting or a combo of them all! Whatever it is- make a list of what you like and when it's time for your daily dose of sweat you can pick from your favs! 


#2- Make your workouts non-negotiable!

Before you make other plans or let anything else even think of getting int the way- make a commitment to yourself that time to move your body daily comes first! Rather than ask yourself if you're going to workout, ask yourself "How am I going to move my body today?" 


#3- Move your body at the time of day that works for YOU! 

I love waking up in the morning to sip some coffee then head out for the gym to the gym around 8:30am.  One of my sisters wakes up at 4am to get hers done before work and another goes straight from her job for a 6pm barre class. It doesn't matter when either of us does it- what's important is that we each figure out when our workout can naturally fit into our days and we make it happen! If you're a morning person get yours done then before anything else tries to get in your way. If you just can do mornings then rock that evening workout! As Larry the Cable guy would say : "Get 'er done"  Oh my gosh did I just quote Larry the Cable Guy? Yep I did. :) 


#4- Yes you do have 30 minutes! 

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time we spend scrolling the IG or Facebook feed? Trust me- it freaks me out when my phone gives me a weekly report of social media time! #notproud ;) The truth is- we all have the time when we make the time! Join me in stopping the excuses but instead let's make it happen! Even if you have to split up the 30 minutes into two or even three different workout throughout the day- fit it in and feel the different in your mood and energy! 


#5- Change your mindset about exercise. 

Rather than think about your workout as torture or something on your to- do list, think about it as something you are giving to yourself and a way to celebrate all that our amazing bodies can do. Think about how exercise can help clear your mind, help you cope with stress, boost your creativity, make you more patient with your kids, give you a boost of energy, help you feel sexier and more confident & how you will feel when it's done. When you change up your mindset about it- you will stay consistent and make daily movement a habit! 


#6- Exercise is a great way to build community.

Yes I enjoy workouts alone but lately I have loved turning it into more of a social activity. Group bootcamps, fitness classes, tennis lessons, walking with friends or sisters, spin class with people I know will text me if I didn't show, yoga at the beach with's so fun to exercise as a group, to hold each other accountable and to even bounce ideas off one another. And working out within a community will help you find new friends! And I have to say at 46 making new friends is super fun! 


#7- Take the stress out and keep things simple. 

Do your best to have a positive mindset about fitness. Do what makes you happy. Don't over plan or over schedule yourself. Take it day to day. If a class is cancelled or you cant make it- let it go and know that it is an opportunity to try something new! 


#8- When traveling or on vacation- get creative! 

These days there are great workout classes on you tube, there's the Peloton app on your phone or Peloton bikes in hotel gyms and even just walking around town is a workout! Don't stress when you're out of your normal environment! Make the best of it and have fun doing something different! 


#9- Any movement is better than no movement! 

Take the pressure off yourself and know that any movement is better than none! On those days when you don't have tons of time- do what you can. If you don't work up  a huge sweat but you moved- yay you!!! At the end of the day if something doesn't go according to plan- commit to moving in some way and for as much time as you can rather than skip it all together! Remember how good you know you'll feel afterward and get moving sister! Heck even a dance party in the kitchen works! :) 


#10- Celebrate the big and small victories! 

Start where you are and celebrate each and every victory along the way! 

This is your journey may friend so embrace it, have fun with it and pat yourself on the back every time you make your workout and yourself a priority! 


I am rooting for you and I am practicing each of these steps alongside you! 

Let's go! And let's never give up or give in! We are better than that! 







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