Keto Q & A Monday

May 20, 2019

There is so much chatter about the keto diet, ketones and ketosis today that it's a little confusion! Right? I have my own questions and I receive tons of questions each week through IG, FB and email so I will be bringing you Q & A Mondays to make sure you are getting the info you need an want to make good decisions and feel your most vibrant!

Have you wondered;

- if ketones would help you with stalled weightloss

- if it is okay to take medications and exogenous ketones

- if ketones impact appetite

- if there is an effect of ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones on gout

- how would a ketogenic lifestyle effect hypoglycemia

- how ketones would work for people with lupus? Autoimmune conditions? Thyroid?

- and more...

If you raised your hand for one or more of these you are not alone! I get questions every single day especially since the ketone conversation is fairly new!! So every Monday I will be doing a Q & A Monday blog post and today is the first one! Since I am not a doctor I will be sharing the opinion of Dr. Heather & Dr. Andi! My goal is to help you find out the facts so you can be the healthiest happiest human you can be! 

Check out this playback of a Facebook Live with Dr. Andi Campitelli as she covers each of the topics listed above and more! CLICK HERE



Knowledge is power and of course taking action is the game changer! 

If you are already doing a keto diet or drinking ketones I am stoked for you! If not- why not give one of them a try! To see how pure therapeutic ketones/ exogenous ketones work check out this fun video! Grab a trial pack of ketones here or order a box or two here to get started on your own journey to better! 

Why stay stuck when there is an awesome easy solution with ketones? I am so happy they are a staple and a daily thing for me and our entire family! 

If you have any questions please email me! I am here to help! 

And if you have a specific question for me and/or the doctors let me know so I can find the answer for you! 

Peace. Love. Ketones & Kindness.

- Molly 

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