How to spend time alone & have fun!

Aug 30, 2019

Omg! I did it! 

I spent 9 days without my better half! For real- I am super proud of myself and I had to share about it with you as well as give you a bunch of fun things you can do alone if your partner is on a trip or if you're just plain sick of other humans! Haha! 

Months ago when Kevin got invited to go on a guys only surf trip to Fiji I immediately said YESSSS YOU MUST GO! We love taking trips together but we also fully support one another in taking trips with our best guy and girlfriends so this was a no brainer- I mean Fiji? Ya just cant pass that up! 

As the date got closer i started to sort of panic! I was thinking omg I think I have gone three days maybe five without my husband but 9 nights alone- wow- thats a long time! I had a mixture of anxiety and also excitement.

Kevin had an AMAZING trip and woohoo he gets home tomorrow! To my surprise I really enjoyed my time alone and doing many things solo! Did i get a little lonely without him? Of course I did, but I was able to do many fun things with friends and family and I  discovered that it is possible to do fun things alone! Here is a list of my top 11! I hope you save this post and come back next time you have alone time too: 


1. Go to the movies....yes can do it and not feel weird! :) 

If you’re anxious about going solo to a place where most people will be in groups, a movie is an awesome place to start. It’s super dark and anonymous in the theater and woohoo you don’t have to share your popcorn or treats! Bonus: If you've been wanting to see a random movie- now is the time!!! 

2. Volunteer

Raise your hand if you frequently think to yourself, I should really give back more, but then life gets busy and it just doesn't happen even though your intentions are good! I saw you sheepishly raise your hand! :) Now is the time to make good on your promise and spend some time helping people who aren't as fortunate as you are. Need help finding opportunities to give back? Just go to Volunteer Match . 


3. Go to a nice restaurant or that one restaurant your partner just hasn't been into trying.

Does dining alone freak you out? If so- I get you but I am telling you- dining alone is AWESOME! Since its just you, there isn't any pressure to make small talk- so you can just chill, relax and enjoy your meal. Secondly, you can actually focus on eating mindfully— enjoying every bite of what’s on your plate. And last- people watching. I mean- I love it way too much! Are you with me?

4. Have a self care day!

Going to the spa with your bff's is great, but embracing the “self” part of self-care is the bomb. Here’s the best part-  it doesn’t have to cost anything. A couple of totally free ways to practice self-care include taking a long, luxurious bath; giving yourself an at-home manicure; watch a Netflix movie or series, take a nap, pick up that book you've been meaning to read, light a candle and listen to music, make a healthy meal or do an online yoga class.

5. Go to the mall and shop.

Go to your favorite stores, leisurely walk through the mall, grab a latte and just enjoy this time without worrying if someone needs you or that you need to rush.


6. Organize your house. 

Turn on a sweet playlist then go wild and deep-clean you’re living space. If its already clean- clean out and/or organize a closet or two! It might not sound fun but trust me- you’ll feel so much better when you are done.

7. Read that book you've been dying to dive into.

Whether you curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or bring your beach chair to the beach like i did this week, digging into that new book you’ve had on your shelf for ages is both relaxing and mentally stimulating. Need a book recommendation? Just ask me and i will send ya my list! 

8. Cook a beautiful meal/ try a new recipe.

If you’re not ready to dine alone-get  out your fanciest cookbook and choose a dish that looks delicious and even a little challenging. Then grab everything your need at the grocery store and put on your favorite playlis while you get to work. If it turns out great- celebrate! If it doesn't- no biggie- there's always take out! :) 

9. Go to a group fitness class.

Try that class you've been wanting to do. For me it was Barre and The Muse at Equinox! I ended up loving both! The energy of the people around you and moving your body will be both good for your body, mind and soul! 


10. Go on extra long beach walks/ hikes.

Spending time in nature and outdoors does something amazing for our mood. The fresh air, the beauty, the quiet. It's the best! Turn your phone on do not disturb and take it all in! 

11. Have a solo dance party! 

For real!!!! You + your empty house + a killer,super fun playlist = SO MUCH FUN & JOY.

When I did this, our dog Betty White just stared at me like i am crazy! Which made me blast the music a little louder, laugh harder and dance even crazier! I highly recommend this! 








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